Monday, 13 January 2014

Spoken Word London

Deep in the Dalston/Stokey borderlands, down a half-hidden flight of stairs that lead into an underground cavern, lies a night of spoken word hysteria...

Every other Wednesday Vogue Fabrics plays host to Spoken Word London

The format is beguilingly simple: twenty slots, five minutes each. No stars, no features. A democratic, egalitarian, and completely open (and free!) spoken word night that quickly reveals the seething talent of London's young literati to those brave enough to enter. It's an amazing evening of lyric and narrative fun. 

But with the second and fourth Wednesday of the month now filled, what is a young person about London town to do on the third Thursday of the month? Particularly the third Thursday of, say, January. The sixteenth of January 2014, for instance. As in the one coming up. Where could you be guaranteed a night of witty wordsmithery, glorious gung-ho garrulousness  and celebrative cerebrality?

Yes, you guessed it folks,  it's NUTSHELL LIVE!!!