Sunday, 6 December 2009

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS ANYONE? Have a Nutshell Limited Edition Tee!

Dear Friends,

Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to fund a literary magazine nowadays? It's probably too obvious to mention. What's worth mentioning, however, is that we won't be intimidated by the unpopularity of poetry and the solitude of short stories in the world of money but we will flip our nutshell over, stick a sail in it and use it as a vessel to sail the seas of funding, starting with sartorial experimentation! Yes, that can only mean one thing: the famous Nutshell Tees are finally ready and they are:

- individually hand printed (yes, it took ages - but anything for you!)
- super limited edition - only 50 (better hurry)
- limited prints of Siobhan Maguire's legendary cover design (you can frame them if you want)
- great quality and fit: American Apparel (ooooh)
- super wearable: black print on light grey (instant chic)

And here's the second list, by buying them you will be:

- supporting your favourite literary magazine - who loves you and needs you so
- making the world a better place where magazines can exist and play trumps with each other's submissions
- becoming the owner of a real work of art, a collectible item and a piece of history
- possibly giving the best Christmas present ever
- so cooool

This is how you can buy your T-shirt for only £12 (or more if you feel generous) They come in Unisex S, M and L (sizes are on the small side) or Girl fit S and M (which are also great for kids):

-Send a cheque payable to Federica Fornasier to this address:
Nutshell Magazine, 77A Dartmouth Park Hill, London NW5 1JD

-Pay via Paypal


* * * Thank you Pandora and Daniel for modeling our tees - you look great! * * *