Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hate Yourself Thin! with Dr Marilyn Baedecker

Dr Marilyn Baedecker’s revolutionary Hate Yourself Thin! Lifestyle Programme is devised to help YOU get in touch with those reserves of self-loathing deep within.

‘Friends used to say to me, “Marilyn, how do you stay so thin?” I realised that what came naturally to me – utter self-hatred, a cruel and punishing inner voice, deeply ingrained shame and guilt – were attributes others had to strive for. That’s when I started to devise my Lifestyle Programme. At first I worried that making a blessing of my curse would encourage me to feel good about myself, but soon I remembered that any small success is easily countered; for no singular success is ever good enough, and however well I did, I knew I would never truly achieve my imagined potential. So - I can stay thin and help you to get there too!’

This 5-step programme is proven to work! Just try it!*

1. Learn to focus your energy

Learn to focus your energy on parts of yourself you truly hate. Try focusing on a physical defect while looking into the mirror. Dr Marilyn says she used to spend time staring at her left nostril, which is fractionally larger than the right, and is upturned at a greater angle, to enter into the mindset she calls VMD – Voluntary Masochistic Disgust. ‘Once you’re in a state of VMD, bring to mind other areas of your body that force you to recognize just how much work you need to do on yourself to become a person worthy of love, goodness or happiness.’

2. Channel your anger

Anger is self-hatred turned outwards! Don’t go about blaming others for your misfortunes: deep down, you know its all your fault. Stop wasting your time feeling angry about the state of the world. Turn your passionate engagement with climate change, slave labour or the credit crunch into zealous self-loathing and see the pounds drop off!

3. Set your goals

Set yourself some unachievable targets. Add one or two more things to your daily to-do lists and watch yourself fail to get where you want to be! Unfulfilled potential is the mainstay of self-hatred. Go for it! You know you can’t do it.

4. Join a group

Dr Marilyn now has weekly groups running in almost every city. Join us for some group work, where we’ll focus on false modesty, shallow interpretations, back-handed compliments and crushing humiliation. Weigh-ins allow each participant to prove just how badly they’re doing.

5. Buy Dr Marilyn’s books

Dr Marilyn has recently brought out two sequels to her international best-seller How to Hate Yourself Truly and Get Thin Quick. In her book The Self-Hatred Diaries, read stunning testimonials of the Hate Yourself journeys, while the Low Self Worth Bible: Esteem, What Is It Good For? provides hints, tips and a schedule for the loser who wants to be a winner at being a loser.

* The Hate Yourself Thin! Lifestyle Programme can lead to compulsive over-eating and associated weight gain, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, EDNOS, suicidal ideation and mental health difficulties. Consult your doctor if concerned.

Helena Michaelson


  1. Dr Marilyn's method really works! after reading her books i ate so much i exploded. following reconstructive surgery i'm now so tiny only baby clothes fit me!

    (Ian from Archway)

  2. O.M.G
    Dr Marilyn saved my life. I was totally deluded thinking my boyfriend loved me just the way I was. D Marilyn's books and groups helped me see just how impossible that really was, and what a liar he had been all along. I left him and started dieting and soon managed to get bulimia and one day, I'll fit into those size 00 jeans and I'll be a totally different person and everything will be perfect.

    (Audrey from London)