Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Why you really shouldn't miss this party...

What are you doing on Saturday 6th March?
We’ll be giving our books a rest and letting our hair down to celebrate the arrival of spring with the best non-literary literary party of all time.

We’re taking the Korsan bar and turning it into an Alice In Wonderland’s mad-tea party adding great live music, a raffle, some readings, home-made cakes and a proper bar to hit.

But this is not just a party, this is a fundraiser too, our way to get the money we need to print issue two and get new writing out of pixelated folders and on the printed page, in the fresh air, in the minds of the readers, in the cosmic cycle of the universe. And beyond.

So you should come because you love a good party, because Saturdays are dull, because you love Nutshell and because you're happy to give a fiver up to a good cause.

See you there!

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